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2021 Wedding Trends To Keep On Your Radar

It’s been a super weird year for weddings, but arguably an ideal one for wedding planning. With quarantine life in full swing, you and bae are probably stuck at home together more than usual these days. This gives you plenty of time to figure out the details of your wedding: How big is your guest list? What’s the perfect color scheme? How do we choose a menu that accommodates everyone?

If you’re planning a 2021 wedding, first of all — congrats! This is an exciting time, but it can also get pretty stressful when your to-do list starts piling up. To help you figure out the grand vision for your big day, here are some trends to keep your eyes out for next year:

  • Eco-friendly — Millennials and Gen-Zers are all about sustainability, and weddings are no exception. Expect to see lots of people “upcycling” old decor to repurpose it in a way that’s fun and new. Bonus: This trend saves you major $$$!
  • Low-key vibe — Considering the current pandemic, this isn’t a huge surprise. More couples will be opting for intimate ceremonies with only their closest family and friends in the audience. 
  • Colorful snack foods — Helloooo, cheese plate! Expect fewer plated meals and more hors d’oeuvre platters filled with seasonal fruits, cheeses, and crackers. Your guests can snack to their heart’s content without the fuss of a sit-down dinner. 
  • Statement florals — Who doesn’t love a massive bridal bouquet? 2021 is all about natural beauty, and flowers are the perfect touch to incorporate color and life into your decor. Pair these with a simple dress (also on-trend for next year) so your gorgeous face can be the center of attention. Click here for my favorite local florist.
  • Mood lighting — Whether you string up outdoor lights yourself or opt for lower lighting inside your venue, it’s all about creating a romantic and cozy vibe. No need for a Lightroom preset here. 
  • Videography — Photos and videos are one area where couples will continue to splurge. And honestly, it pays off. How many wedding videos have you seen that haven’t made you cry? With the right people to document your day, you can remember every detail of the magical celebration you created. 

Happy planning! xo

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