Top 3 Reasons Why A Wedding Album is Worth the Investment 


December 12, 2022

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I know why you’re here, you have wrestled with yourself (and your budget) on if you should take the leap to add a wedding album to your package. So before you decide against adding an album on, keep reading and see why it is something you should make room for in your budget.

1. Technology is ever-changing 

Remember when we were all uploading photos and songs to a CD? Now CDs are unheard of. Technology is ever-changing and we never know what the next new form of storage will be.

But you know what won’t be out of style? Your wedding album. No matter how quickly technology changes, your wedding photos will stay kept in a guaranteed-for-life album. You won’t have to buy a new adapter or accessory to view your images — all you will have to do is open it up. Your photos won’t be lost in a folder on your computer or on a flash drive buried in a desk somewhere. You’ll have easy access to your wedding photos whenever you want to relive your day.

And the very best part? You can’t lose your images in your album… if they’re on your computer or phone, well that’s another story.

2. It’ll be your first heirloom

The album is the heirloom that lives on; the gift of experiencing one’s photographs time and time again. It is the most valuable item we offer as photographers.

This will be your first ever family heirloom that you can pass down to your kids, your kid’s kids, and so on. Can you imagine getting to looking at your grandparents wedding album and seeing what their special day looked and felt like? Maybe some of you have had that opportunity! Being able to share your album with your your kids as they grow up and loved ones for years and years is incredibly special.

You spent months (maybe even years) planning your wedding. It tells a story — your story. Place your album in a central spot in the house such as a coffee table or bookshelf and it will be a conversation piece when you have guests over. You’ll be able to share it with people who weren’t able to be there or re-live it with the ones who enjoyed it with you!

Don’t you think your photos deserve more than 24 hours of likes and comments that just get buried in posts? I 100% do!

3. The quality is unmatched

Let’s start from the outside in: You’ll choose your fabric, either luxury linen woven in the European countryside or silky smooth leather, and select the color from a wide variety of beautiful shades. To make it even more custom for you, we’ll deboss your names and date (or whatever design you choose) onto the cover of your album. From there, you’ll notice the thick, premium press pages inside with the most beautiful matte paper. Not to mention, these albums are guaranteed FOR LIFE!

Did I mention that I do all of the hard work designing your album? I’ll choose all of the best highlights of the wedding day, create a cohesive look, and tell your story exactly how you’d remember it.

I hope this helps you realize why you should invest in a wedding album and save room for it in your budget. And if you’re a past client, it’s not too late for me to design an album for you to preserve your photos and memories!

Email the studio ( to get started! Together we will select your cover material and color and then Ava will get started on customizing your album with the highlights from your wedding day.

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